Use of photos is free under the following conditions
All images are the property of Kongsberg Automotive and can only be used in connection with editorial work of Kongsberg Automotive, All Rights Reserved. Further express, Images can only be used free of charge for publication in daily press, periodical publications, trade press and trade related enterprises and organizers.
For other usage, e.g marketing purpose and commercial use, the following rules apply:
  • All contents of this Image Bank must not be used without the express prior written consent by Kongsberg Automotive. This include photos or logos for commercial purposes such as postcards, T-shirts and unrelated advertisements
  • Modifications to the contents of this Image Bank are expressly prohibited
  • The pictures must be presented in a way they don’t appear negative to Kongsberg Automotive or its people
  • Images must not be used to promote any other area than that from which they derive
The use of photos in contravention with the lending conditions will result in you being invoiced for their use at the individual photographers' current rates. The price will depend on the use and the size of edition. In addition a penalty charge of NOK 10.000 per photo applies. The images cannot be manipulated. The images may only be used once, and the images cannot be resold. Copyright has to be included in the byline. Copyright info is embedded in the file as metadata.
In the event of breach or threatened breach of the above restrictions, Kongsberg Automotive reserves the right to take legal actions to remedy such breach hereunder to seek specific performance and injunctive relief and/or compensation by monetary damages. For further guidance and approvals, please contact design@ka-group.com
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